Chapel Street is a major artery in New Haven, Connecticut. The central section of Chapel Street is considered a historic district and an important retail and pedestrian area, bordering the New Haven Green, Yale University, and New Haven landmarks.

The lower portion of Chapel Street, where it meets State Street and connects with the Wooster Square neighborhood, has remained underdeveloped since the “urban renewal” projects of the middle part of the 20th Century. In the past decade, however, there has been sustainable growth and a revitalization of the area, resulting in new housing and retail space as well as innovation hubs in Ninth Square. There are multiple new housing and construction projects planned for these historic districts in 2021, and Wooster Square is a thriving neighborhood for residents as well as the world-famous home of “apizza” and other Italian restaurants.

A railway overpass for automobiles, bordered by pedestrian walkways, connects Ninth Square with Wooster Square. It begins at the intersection of Chapel and State Street…

…and ends at the intersection of Chapel and Olive Street.

In 2021, this bridge will be central to a beautification, safety, and revitalization project that will modernize and improve the experience of pedestrians and residents on both sides. PrivacySafe Technology Foundation is a New Haven-based non-profit that is developing its IoT hardware at MakeHaven on 770 Chapel in the Ninth Square. We are uniquely suited to bring pedestrian metrics to this project. Our Privacy By Design approach to counting individuals and crowd flows will yield important insights for this Chapel Street project, giving planners actionable data in real-time.

The work PrivacySafe has done for Town Green District at the 2019 Holiday Village as well as the 2020 Flights of Fancy event has laid the groundwork for long-term civic deployments. What we have learned by testing and developing our PrivacySafe Crowd Appliance (PCA) in a live environment will allow us to offer reliable and privacy-respecting metrics that will help to improve the lives of present and future New Haveners.


PrivacySafe Crowd Appliances (PCA)

Our PCA technology will count pedestrians as they cross the bridge with real-time reports. The data will give insights into pedestrian traffic flows as well as general footfall statistics.


This project will be deployed for a six-week testing period from January 1 to February 12, 2021. During the testing period, we will evaluate and discuss continued deployment as well as fine-tune our approach and solve any issues that may arise. After the testing period, the PCA hardware will remain installed on-site, with 12 months of support and hardware replacement as well as service visits included.


PrivacySafe will deliver:

  • all necessary computer hardware, in weather-resistant enclosures
  • network connectivity, for primary network connection or fallback
  • custom, on-board software for the PCAs
  • network backup systems
  • dedicated support for these software and hardware components